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Bucket List Your Goals!

Follow Your Dreams


A Dream-Building and Realization Network

Now Your Dreams Have A Domain!™

Social Media Networks have an extremely high popularity, especially with the younger generation.  In this regard we want to incorporate that platform for the greater good of our members. At MyBucketListing® members would have an opportunity to share their dreams, talents and goals in form of a "Bucket List” introducing themselves and exposing why they desire to accomplish these goals. Members are able to post specific talents and services they are willing to provide in exchange for fulfilling items from their "Bucket List.” *Their descriptions can be supported by pictures and videos. 



The Idea behind MyBucketListing®

The idea of a Bucket List has gone viral in the last few years, especially since the popular movie "The Bucket List" featuring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson which covered the subject so well. It is a list comprised of the goals and dreams one might wish to accomplish before "kicking the bucket.”

MyBucketListing® is a dream-building and realization social network that provides a platform to introduce one's self and their aspirations to others. It has been said that 98% of all people fail in achieving their dreams. Yet, we believe every person has unique gifts and talents of great value that are often unknown to others. Therefore we enthusiastically declare that with this network we will be able to have a significant influence and impact by providing a platform to showcase the talents, dreams and aspirations of our members and helping them to accomplish their goals. We strongly support the notion that missing the financial resources to accomplish goals does not lessen one’s personal value.



How does MyBucketListing® work?

People can sign up at no cost to join our Bucket List Community. Then introduce themselves to the network by establishing a PROFILE page. There they will find specific sections where members can write about their Bucket List, including anything they would aspire to do or achieve in their lifetime. Because the vast majority of goals are related to monetary hurdles many are not able to overcome, the member has the opportunity to list in another section the talents and services they would be willing to provide.* It is also possible to view other members Bucket List and possible exchange dreams, if you have what the other member wishes for and vice versa.

*(We do not allow illegal or inappropriate content)

Examples please!

A young lady writes in her Bucket List that she dreams of experiencing life in Paris for a couple of months, but is not able to afford such an excursion. She is a very talented amateur photographer who shoots outstanding portrait images. In the TALENT LIST section she is writing about her Photography work she has done. Perhaps she ads a link to her Photography Website. Of course the more likeable one appears and the more convincing one describes their wishes and talents the higher the possibility they might become noticed by others. In our example the young lady has described herself as very helpful and responsible, with knowledge of the French language which she learned in college. All the information is supported by her Bucket List profile page.

Meanwhile other's notice her profile, Bucket List and the talents she is willing to offer. Once a member has decided to "DIP INTO THE BUCKET” (our paraphrase for getting a wish fulfilled); this person has declared to make a wish come true. The "BUCKETEER”, or person with a "BUCKET LIST” who gets the wish granted, now has to work out a personal agreement with the "DREAM BUILDER” (the person who grants a wish). In our example a lady who lives in Paris has viewed the young lady's "Bucket” and started to communicate with her via live chat or email exchange on the MyBucketListing®.org Site and become better acquainted. Both parties agree for the young lady to serve as a house maid for the time of her stay while shooting pictures at an upcoming wedding for a family member of the French lady whom she will be hosting.



Follow the dream!


On the members pages there are sections where people can follow the progress of the Bucket List Item, as the "BUCKETEER” is posting videos and pictures from the experience of getting a wish from their Bucket List fulfilled. .

There will be a SHOWCASE AREA where we recognize especially giving "DREAM BUILDERS” and write about truly amazing stories, exciting Bucket List wishes, as well as people and their dreams which came true on our network.

In summary there is nothing we love to think and talk about more than our adventures, life goals and important contributions we desire to accomplish in our lifetime. Now here is a way to make them come true! Start today with your Bucket List and let MyBucketListing®.org help you make your dreams come true!

MyBucketListing®.org will provide a platform for everyone to participate in this exciting and worthwhile adventure. As our slogan says:

"Now Your Dreams Have A Domain!®"